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Writers: Reduce Eye Fatigue With Gunnar Glasses

As a writer, I’m on the computer a lot. As technology advances, I’m spending free time on devices with screens (smart phone, kindles, tablets, big screen TV’s).

My eyes grew fatigued, unfocused, and tired. It got so bad I made up a diagnosis for it, “Scroll Sickness.” I logged off for a few days and my eyes recovered. This is hard especially while writing a new novel.

I’ve tried changing screen brightness etc, but as light changed in the window, or from the light fixtures I had another type of problem. All this angst and worry ended when I put on Gunnar Glasses.

These yellow-tinted glasses aren’t just for gamers. I use them while I’m on the internet for everything, except when I’m writing fresh text.  My brain needs to see white in order to let me write new words. It does take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the tint, but then it’s like they’re not there. My eyes felt much better after I started using them, and I recommend them as worth a try, if you can’t give up all technology for a day or two, regularly. Consider using Gunnar glasses to ease the symptoms, but they do not take the place of seeing an optometrist.  According to this article from PC World, you can order these glasses with prescription.

My son called me and asked if they had really worked for me. I told him like night and day. It occurred to me I may not be the only reader or writer suffering from technology eye strain. I recommend this product.

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