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Transferring Mobi files to Kindles & Using Amazon’s Cloud

Kindle Reading app and the amazon cloud
I wrote Body Grab, a 10,000 word + short story, as extra content for subscribers to my new book release emails. A few wrote saying they didn’t receive Body Grab. I had to send them the mobi attached to email, and then the questions began.

How It’s Supposed to Work

After you click on my subscription link, you’re taken to a short form. Once you hit subscribe, Mail Chimp sends you an email to make sure you want to be on the list. Once you reply yes, it will serve you a second email with the link to Body Grab attached in the mobi format. Most readers knew what to do but a few didn’t. Because I intend to do more free short stories for subscribers, I thought I’d share how to side load and other tips.

Readers often win Mobi files or receive them via email from authors during giveaways or if you’ve volunteered to be part of their street team. So I thought I’d spell this out in case it comes in handy at a later time. I use a PC so I have no skill with the Apple (sorry). The terminology changes a bit too, depending if you’re on a Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, or a Kindle Paperwhite.

You must download the Free Kindle App. It’s available for both the computer, tablet, and phone. Get it now.


Side Loading a Mobi file into the Kindle for PC software

1. Make sure your Kindle is charged and your computer is on. Punch in the password for your Kindle if you use one. Nothing will happen until you do.

2. Take the mobi file attached to the email for instance and download it and save to your desktop. Saving to my desktop is easier for me, but you can save the file wherever you want. Just download it from the email to a place on your hard drive.

3. Right click the file and go to Copy. Copy the mobi file.

4. Now browse to your documents. I hit the Microsoft icon and on the left is the programs on the computer and on the right its says documents, pictures, music, games. (default C:/users/documents). Browse the line of files under documents until you see My Kindle Content. Open this file up.

5. Paste the email mobi file you copied into My Kindle Content or drag and drop it. Remember it’s a mobi file and should go right in. (Tip: shortcut is Control+V for copy and paste).

6. Run the Kindle for PC App and the book should be there.


Side Loading a Mobi file into the Amazon Fire

1. Use the mini USB cord that came with your kindle. I understand some KFire’s didn’t come with a cord, but if you haven’t bought one yet, and you have an android phone, you can use it. The cord is the only way to synch the Amazon Fire to your computer. Connect the Kindle to the PC. Punch in Kindle password for your device if you use one.

2. Know where the mobi file you downloaded from the email is. (I put mine on the desktop).

3. In a Kindle Fire your books are under the “documents folder”. Don’t open the “books” folder. This is a quirk. ( A tip from a reader to try. “On the PC select the Microsoft key +E to open up the kindle.” Which ever way you choose there should be a temporary drive open under “computer”.  Now open the folder on the computer. Note you should have two files open. One contains the downloaded Mobi file and the other contains a file in a subfolder under Fire called “documents.” Note this is not the normal My documents file on every PC. This is a Kindle Fire file called documents. Kindle Fire doesn’t list your ebooks like the Kindle Touch or the Paperwhite. You’re in the right place if you see something called Kindle Fire users guide under the documents listed.

4. You can copy and paste or drag the ebook file from the computer to the Kindle File. (Dragging is the hardest part for me and always takes more than one try. Hope you have better luck).

5. Disconnect the Fire device safely from your computer. I’d check to make sure the book transferred first.

 Side Loading a Mobi File into a Kindle Touch

1. Connect the cable which came with your Kindle to your PC. If your device is password protected, remember to punch it in. There can be no transfer until you do. On the Kindle Touch the drive switches to a USB Drive mode.

2. Again make sure the free mobi file has been downloaded to a place you can easily find. (I use desktop.)

3. Kindle on E drive opens. Click the folder called “documents”. All your eBooks currently on your kindle will display.

4. You can copy and paste or drag the saved mobi into the kindle “documents” folder.

5. Safely eject your kindle. The Kindle touch returns to reading mode. Your book will be waiting for you.

I also offered one reader to send her the mobi of Body Grab through Amazon’s cloud. I asked for her kindle email and she didn’t know she had one.

Using the Amazon Cloud to read files

1. To find out your personal kindle cloud address go to Amazon.com.

2. Look to the right of the screen and locate my account. Underneath my account are several pages. Click on Manage your content and devices.

3. You’ll be taken to you password log in. Fill it in and the screen will say: Your Content, Your Devices, and Settings.

4. Your very own kindle email address will be listed under “your devices.” You can send documents to this address as long as they don’t have over 25 attachments and this is a free service. Here’s how you use it.

1. Before anyone can send you a document to your kindle email address, you have to let them in. This is a safety precaution that stops spam.

2. Go back to Manage your content and devices.

3. From settings, scroll down to Personal document settings.

4. Under Approved Personal documents list, either check if the person’s email address is already there or add it under a new approved email address. Click Add address.

5. It’s even easier to delete the address so no worries.

You’ re done. To read more about Amazon Cloud file sharing go here.

Leave me a comment and if you have better tips please leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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