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The War Nurse Debut

The War Nurse is now available on Amazon!

I’m launching it at a sale price of 99 cents to say thanks to the many readers and subscribers reading my books. If you like historical family sagas, tossed in with an epic romance then this book is for you. Warning! This book takes place during World War II in the Philippines. This is where US troops surrendered and then Japan occupied the country. The story is character driven but the war and it’s surrounding angst creeps into the lives of the characters. The war isn’t the catalyst of the story, it’s Katarina’s haunting mistake, or should I call it her second haunting mistake? Basically, at its core, The War Nurse is about impulsive mistakes and how they come back to haunt, especially during desperate times.

Here’s the book description: 

A historical family saga and epic romance set during World War II.

The War Nurse is a heart-rending story of two Americans, Katarina Stahl, a civilian nurse, and Jack Gallagher, a surgeon, caught in the Philippines on a goodwill medical mission, when war interrupts their newfound love. As the situation becomes dire, Katarina in an impulsive move frees a German doctor accused of spying; a haunting mistake, that sets off a chain of tragic events for her German-born parents in New York.

Now, pregnant with Jack’s child, Katarina begins a journey into depraved darkness as Manila descends into occupation and chaos. The horrific choices she has to make to avoid internment and starvation distances her from Jack. Three years of hell pass, and she has earned her nickname, war nurse, but can she regain the love of her life?




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