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The War Nurse Book Launch 1-14-14

dreamstime_l_3199502Thought I’d share the second photo used to make the cover for The War Nurse. For those of you thinking about self publishing your book, you may have to pick out photos you like for your cover. The artist then blends and spins the photos into your cover. As I mentioned, I wanted a From Here to Eternity, war, and a tropical theme. Tomorrow is the final cover reveal!

While The War Nurse is a historical family saga set during WWII, it does exist on the two main character’s keeping their romance alive through the war. Katarina Stahl is a civilian nurse, but Jack Gallagher, the man she’s in love with enlists as a doctor/surgeon in the army. For those not familiar with what happened in the Philippines, the war began Dec 7th when Pearl Harbor was attacked. In the second wave the Philippines was attacked on the same day, but due to the International Date Line, it’s listed as December 8. The American troops experienced a last stand, kind of like in the movie “300.” In fact Jack Gallagher in the story calls it America’s Thermopylae. It was the first time American troops had ever been surrendered to another country in such massive numbers. I suspect that’s why we hear more about Pearl Harbor than the last stand on Bataan.

After the surrender on Bataan, Americans, civilians, and natives flee to join the military forces that refused to surrender on Corregidor. That sail was horrific and was one of my favorite scenes in the book. Of course that outpost surrendered about two months later. At that point American men are either POWs, detained in internment camps, or they’re guerilla fighters.  Naturally, my character goes to great lengths to avoid internment, but she doesn’t avoid it without serious repercussions. It’s a life and death struggle to live free in an occupied city. I bet you’re thinking how does she do that? Well, Katarina has a unique story line but there were women who did it, and I’ll share their true stories as well.

In any case, I’ll be blogging about the historical setting while The War Nurse is launched on Amazon Select. If you like family sagas in a historical setting, characters that grab you by the throat and won’t let go, then please check out The War Nurse on 1-14-14. How far would you go to save the people you love?



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