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The Manti Te’o Story: The missing ingredient?

I remember hearing Manti Teo’s story when the football season began. How he chose to attend Notre Dame instead of So.California because God spoke to him and he obeyed God. How Manti could’ve gone pro, but instead he came back for his senior year at Notre Dame because he had a championship dream. Manti had a dream and his team and the Irish joined him. The dream almost became a reality. Darn, it really was a great story right up to the Deadspin article.

Crash and burn.

I really want to believe him but like all lies, this one has warped into epic proportions. As a writer, I’m hooked!

So this kid, speaks today, and admits he never met Lennay Kekua, the girlfriend, who died on the same day as his grandmother and on nine-eleven as well. He claims that yes, he really was catfished by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.  End of story folks, take all your questions to Ronaiah.

Here’s the problem and it’s probably a symptom of my warped brain. Do you guys remember an old advertisement where a woman screams, “Where’s the beef?”

Okay, maybe it’s not the beef, but the missing cheesecake I wonder about. The Deadspin authors introduced us to the fake woman, whose pictures were stolen from her real Facebook page, to make the false Lennay Kekua Page. She’s reportedly horrified, and who can blame her?

We’re all left to believe after Manti’s interview with ESPN journalist Jeremy Schaap this: Manti was duped by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, a guy with no heart or soul. This jerk managed to dupe poor Manti for years. Manti is embarrassed but lays the whole charade at Ronaiah’s feet. Sports fans sigh with relief so they can go back to their draft picks, sports journalists cheer and hope no one notices how they created a myth of epic proportions without fact checking, and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo hopes he’ll find a portal to escape the wrath of sports fans, Manti’s family, and the fighting Irish alumni.

I’m left to wonder who the Voice was at the other end of Manti’s cell phone? In the ESPN article, Manti mentions phone calls a lot. Who is the woman who talked to him on the phone? Are we supposed to believe Ronaiah can mimic a woman’s voice, and all the while he’s laughing on the inside? I don’t think so.


A story has to stand on its feet. Manti was duped, Ronaiah is a heartless person and all blame falls on him. Not so fast, sports fans! To me, the woman’s voice needs to be identified because Manti’s story remains a farce until she steps forward. Manti never once wondered who she really is? C’mon, the ESPN interview (not on camera) goes into details about phone calls. He talks about she in the abstract, but never wonders about her motives, and Schaap apparently doesn’t either.

Why would she participate? Was she paid? Is she in hiding? The woman with the voice is the biggest hoaxer of all time. No wait, she’s deserves an Academy Award for her acting. I’ll even add she’s worse than Ronaiah because while Manti never touched or kissed the dream girl, he did talk to her on the phone. A person’s voice can convey a variety of emotions, and it’s the voice that drew Manti in. The voice needs to face the music as much as Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Deadspin authors please identify the heartless woman whose voice choked Manti up on countless occasions and made him fall in love. Serve up the Cheesecake!

Readers, am I the only one who wants to meet The Voice?

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