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The Doon Sleuth & Setting Book Review

Every Thursday this blog will feature a Sleuth & Setting review from cozy mystery books I’ve finished reading.

Several things collided in the Doon universe, and I got a great blog idea. One, I’m an author writing and reading in many genres so, I don’t want to be in violation of Amazon’s rules regarding one author reviewing another. Then, one day I was deleting in excess of 20 books (not a typo) and I don’t know, but I kind of felt sick to my stomach. (I do this to completed books because I don’t want a Kindle with a hundred pages). Back in the day, I used to donate paperbacks to local nursing homes or leave them in the employee lounge at my hospital. There’s no recycling an e-book and it bummed me out.

Later in the afternoon I dropped into a Books a Million, and I heard two women trying to find a cozy mystery series for their hospitalized mother. Their mother wanted a “certain kind of sleuth” and the girl in the bookstore couldn’t help them. The roiling in my stomach from book deletion calmed, and I realized a review of a mystery’s sleuth & setting might be useful or entertaining.

Being a Type A personality, that I’ve spent a lifetime denying, I knew the Doon S&S review had to match the standard of other book reviewers. I remember too well filling out the description for Body Wave and wishing I had something to put into the editorial description until the first review rolled in. I’m hoping the Doon Sleuth & Setting review can assist new indie authors when they upload their first cozy. I also hope the review will assist readers in finding the right book for friend’s and family.

Hopefully blog readers may find the Doon review entertaining. I feel really good about this because I’ll be reviewing cozy’s I’ve read, and hopefully hitting that delete button will no longer give me nausea. Tune in tomorrow!

Tuesday will be my regular blog post day and Thursday will be a Doon S&S review.


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