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Nurse’s Day 2013: Ten Free Gifts To Give A Nurse

Don’t have a card for nurses day? Try one of my freebies listed below see #10. As a former nurse, I’d like to point out to everyone that Nurse’s have a week-long celebration of Nurses from May 6th to May 12th. Nurses learn quicker than most groups to appreciate the little things. They’re exposed to a lot of “dying wishes” from their patients. Some confessions make them want to cry, but they have to hold it in until a private moment comes along. So rain flowers, gifts, and dinners down on them but also offer your favorite nurse something from the heart. Heart gifts are appreciated more than you’ll ever know.

Gifts For The Nurse With Small Children:

1. Suggest a play date with your kids and theirs, but you pick her/his kids up. A few hours of quiet on off days can be pure bliss.

2.Make a podcast of her/his kids wishing them a Happy Nurse’s Day and send the link. A cool surprise is always appreciated especially if they’re working.

3.If you can, offer to take or pick up his/her kids to school to honor their special day. Getting kids to and from school is a stressful event.

4.If the nurse missed a school event or recital and you took a picture of her kid at the same event consider sending a link with caption, Saved for you to Savor during Nurses Week. Good for a Grin.

5.Share a favorite book you’ve enjoyed parent to parent.

 Other Gifts for Nurses

6.Create a musical list for them to enjoy. Music is bliss.

7.Put a flier on their mailbox, easy to do in Microsoft word, and wish them Happy Nurses Day. Would be a cool surprise.

8.Offer to bathe and groom their pet. If that’s too scary, offer to walk their dog when they’re on call. Or pet sit if they travel.

9.Share your garden vegetables or flowers by leaving a basket on the front porch. We heart nature.

10. Download one of my cards. Click “Get link” to read them. I did them in cool fonts and colored backgrounds with texture on Word using the Format background window. Unfortunately the colors and fonts don’t hold in the Dropbox link. So if you download the “plain cards” take a moment to personalize them. I haven’t found a Nurses Day Card I’ve liked, so I made up my own. Also you can download free Microsoft card “shells” to give my words an added kick. Yes, it’s free to you, but please don’t sell my words. All I ask is if you use one of my cards, please Tweet, Google +, Stumble Upon, etc., and link back to my blog rvdoon.com in your social links. Please share with your favorite nurse. One is a flyer from “the Lab” to nurses, one is from a kid to mom, two are generic.

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