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Swarmers: Lauched Today on Amazon

Swarmers is for sale on Amazon! I’m hoping for some reviews before hitting the promotional trail. It’s been a formatting nightmare but thanks to a friend’s help, we got the kinks worked out. Today one of the moderators for the Facebook Page:What to Read After the Hunger Games posted Swarmers on the site. I tweeted her generosity and hope I can pay the favor back one day. Here’s the Amazon book description:

SWARMERS is 92,000 words. Book Launch Sale Price: 1.99 for thirty days. Swarmers is a dark fantasy set in current time. Beta readers described it as Resident Evil meets Underworld.
Halloween starts out as a very bad day for sixteen-year-old Eddie Jean Franklin. A worldwide catastrophe looms, and if that’s not enough, her mother develops a sudden blood hunger. Worse, she finds out her hometown sits over a hellhole belching a deadly viral outbreak. She can deal with disaster, but betrayal nearly kills her after she’s infected to make a cure.
Wilbur Jenkins, an English lit student, works as a live-in orderly. His comatose patient infects the minds of her caregivers until they’re forced to make a terrifying choice. Kill their patient or face death one screaming night at a time.
EJ and Wilbur aren’t alone.
When they all face the unbelievable, they’ll have allies at their side. Or maybe not.
Addtional details under the menu tab Book Details.  Consider adding Swarmers to your reading list!
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