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Swarmers: Dark Fantasy or Apocalyptic Thriller?

Swarmers is a dark fantasy thriller with apocalyptic overtones. The story begins in current time and progresses to “the event” which strikes as twin calamities. The problem for me after I’ve uploaded the e-book is– the cover may not hit the right note, and it’s my fault. Beware future writers. If you go indie the cover selection is on you. There are great cover artists out there, but in the end you have to hold the vision and make the final selection. If you’re not up to speed, I suggest you go to Amazon or Smashwords and type in the style of book you’ve written and check out the covers.

Erotica or romance covers are easy, it’s the other genres that screw me up. I tend to like lighter-colored covers over all, but my personal preferences shouldn’t go before the readers expectations. I think I’ve dropped the ball on the Swarmers cover, on the book description, and according to Mark Coker in his recent study, I put in the black hole of pricing black holes by listing it at 1.99.

What Are the Secrets To a Successful Cover and E-book Sales?

1. You need an original book title. Swarmers is appropriate especially when you read the book.

2. A slick cover that at one glance tells the reader the genre is fantasy, romance, or thriller etc.

3. The book description is key and should deliver the action arc of the book. Warning: In my opinion, putting in a query type of description may not work. I’ve made that mistake on Swarmers, and I will correct it.

4. Appropriate pricing. I priced at 1.99 as a sale for the book launch. Unfortunately I didn’t read Mark Coker’s article on pricing until after I published, apparently 1.99 is the black hole of black pricing holes, and I’ve doomed the launch of Swarmers because of it.

5. Sprinkle it with good luck fairy dust. (I didn’t have any in the cupboard).

6. Get beta cover evaluators. Ask them to look at the cover and describe what type of book they expect. I’ll be adding in this one on all future covers.


Seriously, I can correct the cover and the book description and I’m going to chalk this one up to a learning experience. I’ve consulted the original artist for advice, and I’m awaiting the verdict. I’ve already written a  new book description. Hope you like it:


It Happened in Sixty-One Minutes.

Few Understood The Warning.

Their World Ends.

Another Begins.

A lethal virus with no known cure is awakened from dormancy in a secret lab and goes airborne.  When a seismic event eclipses the first incident, people claim an evolutionary jump caused the twin disasters. Others call it Judgment Day. Both calamities lead to a haunting day of fear and carnage. Their world is forever altered, and the stunned survivors must keep fighting for their very existence. Night—everyone fears the looming darkness and the terror of being stalked.


After the catastrophe, unlikely leaders arise. Sixteen-year-old Eddie Jean Franklin is infected with the virus and survives, which allows her to communicate with the ones she calls “the exotics.” Wilbur Jenkins, a live-in orderly, fights off an attack on his mind from his comatose patient. His patient’s sudden blood hunger terrorizes him and threatens the other caregivers. Rett Franklin, Eddie Jean’s father, abandons his sick daughter to whisk his twin boys to safety. He never thought an apocalypse would separate him from her. Dr. Louis Janzen spent years searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s. He wakes to find himself torn between his fading humanity and the killing frenzy inherited from the microbe that infected him.

If you want to give a helping hand to a stumbling indie writer (me) check out Swarmers if you like action and adventure stories with a dark twist.



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