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Smashwords — The Poet — A book by R.V. Doon

Smashwords — The Poet — A book by R.V. Doon. (This link will take you to Smashwords and is go for all reading devices except the Amazon Kindle).

I uploaded a short, dramatic story today on Smashwords and Amazon. I priced it to sell at 0.99 cents. The story is less than 5,000 words but contains three, original, romantic poems. Poems you’re not going to find on a Hallmark Card.  I think the poems are great for reading in front of a fire, with wine, and of course, with someone you love. The three poems are Lip Signals, The Kiss Necklace, and Saint Love. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching consider buying The Poet!

I had a lot of fun writing the piece and I hope readers love it as well. I’ll add a picture of the cover art and put the links up to both soon.  Here are two descriptions:

The Poet is a dramatic short story of 4,760 words. The piece features three, original romantic poems titled: Lip Signals, The Kiss Necklace, and Saint Love for your reading enjoyment. If you like a little poetry mixed with conflict, The Poet is tailor made for you. At the core of the story rests an undiscovered secret. To say more would ruin the ending.

Melissa Saint is a single mother with deep regrets that haunt her. In a collegiate coffee house setting during a poetry reading, she confronts the pain of her actions. Kara, her rebellious daughter, reveals her suffering through self destructive decisions unaware she’s haunted by her mother’s biggest secret.

The Poet (300dpi 2700x1800)

Cover Art by Graphic X Designs

Meanwhile, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? If you love the poems please share links with friends.



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