R.V. Doon

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Double Blind: Book #1

Published: 2013

Genre: Medical Conspiracy Thriller

Synopsis: Three girls haunted by a troubling childhood grow into adults with missing memories and suddenly they start to remember. They independently begin a journey seeking truth or revenge. One of them, Claire Carter, a clinical research nurse, becomes a whistleblower against a popular new drug that she believes killed her best friend. Every legal move she makes is thwarted by the pharmaceutical company’s lawyers until she has no option but to publicly expose them.

The sudden stress of recovering her memories while running for her life nearly defeats her. On the run and aided by Gateway Security, a rescue group, she tries to warn the public about a looming health disaster. With millions in drug sales at stake the pharmaceutical company strikes back.

How can a whistleblower warn the public about a pending health disaster when she’s being framed for murder?

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Blindsided: Book #2

Published: 2016

Genre: Medical Conspiracy Thriller

Synopsis: First, Dr. Clint Manning’s former company killed his friends and colleagues.

Then they tried to kill him.

When they try to murder his daughter and grandson, Dr. Manning, a renowned researcher for pharmaceutical companies, concludes the last drug his team created to treat severe autism isn’t a dud after all. It’s up to him, a former insider, to expose the dark underbelly of a corporation running amok. They can’t let him live . . . he can’t let them get away with murder.

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Blind Spot: Book # 3

Published: 2016

Genre: Medical Conspiracy Thriller

Synopsis: Maray Swanson, a neonatal nurse, wakes on a Florida beach feeling confused and nauseated. She remembers setting out on a life saving mission with two colleagues. Their goal: stabilize the sick baby and transport him back to her hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. She can’t explain a missing preemie, two dead colleagues, or a blind spot in her memory.

The story goes viral when the press discovers the baby’s father is a despised military contractor. The distraught father believes she’s part of a conspiracy to destroy him. He kidnaps someone she loves and threatens their life. He warns her if she tells the police or if his son dies, her best friend dies too. It’s up to Maray to triage the situation and save both lives.

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Books by R.V. Doon in other genres:

The War Nurse: A WW II Family Saga


Genre: Historical Thriller, Family Saga

Synopsis: Katarina Stahl, an American Red Cross nurse in Manila, is the happiest she’s ever been in her life. She’s making love and playing music with Jack Gallagher in an idyllic paradise. Their medical mission is over, the boat tickets to home are purchased, and all that remains is to fly a sick child to the hospital at Clark Air Field. She never expected to witness bombs falling out of planes.

In those terrifying first minutes, she frees a German doctor accused of spying and saves his life. She turns to nursing the injured, unaware she’s unleashed an obsession more dangerous to her and those she loves, than the war she’s trapped in.

When Josep Stahl’s family is swept up in the FBI’s dragnet in New York, he believes it’s all a misunderstanding. He’s interrogated like a criminal at the city jail, a military camp, Ellis Island, and then the civilian internment camps in Texas. His anger and pride blind him. One by one, his wife and sons join him behind barbed wire in America. They face ostracism, segregation, and, most frightening, repatriation.

In Manila, Katarina begins an even more terrifying journey into depraved darkness as Manila descends into occupation and chaos. The doctor she saved turns on her and threatens everyone she loves: infant son, POW husband, and Filipino friends. She’ll do anything to protect them; she lies, steals, and smuggles. As the war turns against the Japanese, they withhold the doctor’s wife’s life-saving medications until he finds a hidden radio inside the civilian internment camp. If Katarina refuses to help him, her son pays the price.

Survival has corrupted Katarina; but she’s not about to become his camp rat. After years of hell, she’s earned her nickname, war nurse. Doctor von Wettin is about to find out what that means. 

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The Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Series

Body Wave: Book #1

Published: 2012

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Synopsis: Death by Natural Causes…or was it Murder? Only one person knows the answer to that question, but Reece Carson, nurse entrepreneur and owner of Text-A-Nurse, plans to be the second.

Armed with her stethoscope, a handy-dandy murder-care plan, and her well-honed nursing instincts primed to interpret clues like symptoms, she becomes an amateur sleuth to find the answers. Haunted by her aunt’s recent deathbed confession of a murder cover-up over half century ago, Reece reluctantly confronts the past. She never counted on her investigation to set off a fatal chain reaction or an incoming hurricane to aid the killer’s escape. Worse, she’s beginning to suspect that the sweet fireman she’s falling in love with may be guilty of murder.

When the suspect turns on her, Reece learns that secrets fester like infections, and one day they’ll come back and try to kill you.

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Body Aches: Book #2

Published: 2014

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Synopsis: Reece Carson, nurse entrepreneur, isn’t looking for trouble on New Year’s Eve. No, she’s standing on a rooftop in her hot boyfriend’s arms waiting for the MoonPie drop to ring in the New Year. Instead of celebrating, she’s the lone eyewitness to the first murder of the year. And the victim isn’t just any Mobilian. He’s the co-winner of the biggest jackpot ever won from Powerball, and he’s the half owner of Mobile’s newest business, Top Hat.

Most people think he was murdered for his money, gambling debts, or mob connections, but Reece isn’t convinced. She investigates the meaning of the dead man’s tattoo while juggling her clients, curtailing the snoopy antics of her next-door neighbor, guessing the secret thoughts of Sheba, her ninja cat, and trying to keep her pregnant sister out of the clutches of a mesmerizing former boyfriend. Honestly, the only thing in Reece’s life operating as it should is her relationship with Glenn Hanover.

Reece is convinced at the heart of this murder lies a festering secret or black-hearted lie. She already knows that secrets can come back to kill, but she’s about to learn a lie breeds the nastiest revenge of all. 

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Body Magnet: Book #3

Published: 2015

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Synopsis: Reece Carson, nurse entrepreneur and amateur sleuth, never expected the extensive remodel of her parents’ clinic to reveal a hidden body. No, she expected to spend several blissful weeks playing auntie with her sister’s newborn, not solving a murder. An hour after her nephew’s birth, a second corpse is discovered.

Investigators find a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover in a shirt pocket, a broken silver chair with a horse pendant, and no weapon. When a wallet reveals the identification of the male, Reece realizes the two employees, who fell in love and ran away together eighteen years ago, are the victims.

Reece is convinced that betrayal led to murder. She already knows that secrets can come back to kill; that black-hearted lies create cold-hearted killers, but this time she discovers betrayal is hard to forgive and the pain lasts a lifetime.

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Published: 2013

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Synopsis: A lethal virus with no known cure is awakened in a secret lab and goes airborne. When an unusual seismic event eclipses the first incident, people claim an evolutionary jump caused the twin disasters. Others call it Judgment Day. Both calamities lead to a haunting day of fear and carnage.

The survivors confront a terrifying new existence in an altered world. They’re behind enemy lines, and to live, they have to fight their way to the uncontaminated zone.

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