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RH Negative Blood: The History

I’ve mentioned several times that in Swarmers, my dark fantasy thriller, Rh negative blood plays a role. I hesitated to use Rh negative blood as a “special component” because there are some wild stories on the internet about it.  I’ve been meaning for years to write a group of articles to focus on the historical perspective. In other words, I won’t mention the myths, legends, or fantasies involved in some of the story lines. Heck No! I’ll bore the small percentage of readers with the historical story which may not be as cool as being an alien, a starseed, a hybrid, or a reptilian. But, what I do write will be scientific, truthful, and with references for those who wish to take their learning one step further.

I was a young teen in biology class when we tested our blood. I was the only student with Rh negative blood, and the first my teacher had in three years of testing. Honestly, I felt like an alien with the way everyone stared at me. All the mind-blowing tales weren’t out on the internet highway to freak me out either. What I found was…nothing. The public library even came up empty. I’d hate to think how I’d feel if I Googled Rh negative blood today and found out I was a reptilian!

So for all the ones searching, who want someone to start at the beginning and bring them up to date currently, I’m your gal. I’ve posted the introduction on the blog menu. I’ll add the first official post in the morning and after that, I’ll add one a week until I feel I’ve covered the topic.

Here is a brief snippet of the introduction > the read meat>  Here’s the truth and all you need to know if you want to stop reading – In the beginning: In error, the paternal antigen (Rh+) was named the Rhesus factor.  If you’re still confused read the historical story I’m presenting, and I think your confusion will clear if you keep an open mind.

You’ll have to read Swarmers to see how I’ve used Rh negative blood. Oh, it goes free on Amazon Select for three days May 30th-Jun 01. It’ll make great summer reading. Enjoy!

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