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RH Negative Blood: Monkey Blood, Blue Blood or Ordinary Blood?

For people who want an historical background of how Rh Factor was discovered, I’ve published the first article on a page under my blog menu. This is the first article in a series to paint you a word mural of the Rh Factor story. I’m writing this post to direct interested people to the page on my blog.  Don’t worry I’ve provided a dictionary and references that are easy to find.

As I mentioned yesterday, Rh negative blood is used in my book, Swarmers, a dark fantasy set to go free on Amazon from May 30 – June 01. I don’t want to add to the confusion so many have on this topic without providing a remedy. The articles I’ve written will give people a reasonable starting point and should clear confusion caused by internet surfing. Plus, I avoid mentioning starseeds, aliens, hybrids, and reptilians.  Yes, I left out the fun parts!

Having Rh negative blood isn’t a big deal unless you’re female, pregnant, or in need of a blood transfusion to live. But when you’re in search mode for answers about RH negative blood, I sincerely hope you won’t mind the length of the articles. I would’ve appreciated knowing the historical story before all the confusion sank in. Confusion, I might add that persists to this day.

Okay, let me remind you again: Swarmers goes free tomorrow on Amazon for 3 days.


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