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Oops! I Did It Again: I Entered A Contest

For the record, I’m not much of a contest person. In 2003, I entered Malice Domestic, a cozy mystery contest, and the book retitled later as Body Wave was a finalist. I swore never to do another and here I am another contestant.

So yesterday, I woke with the sudden urge to enter Swarmers in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest (ABNA).  I dashed out a pitch (below) not the best I’ve ever done, passed it by the Page Pounders, and today I uploaded the book.


Well, self-publishers have very little access to promotion or marketing, so the contest could be a big plus if Swarmers makes it out of the gate and into the second round. The contest will shut down when it reaches 10,000 entrants, last year it ended early, and so my back was against the wall. I had to move fast and go with my “gut feeling” that I woke with. I did a quick spell check and let her go out to be judged. Seriously, it was a tense moment for me because I had to ask my self this:

Did I enter the contest to avoid the endless round of agent rejections, or did I enter to let Swarmers boost my other books I’m getting ready to self publish?

Hey, who cares? I do have a cover ready to go for Swarmers, just in case she doesn’t fly in ABNA. I’ll know on Feb 13th if she got through the first round. I think I’ll self publish and then query.  In any case, I’m sharing my pitch and my cover with you. Be sure to let me know how you like them.


(A Dark Fantasy Thriller)

Wilbur Jenkins, a lovelorn poet and orderly, answers a nurse’s cry for help and discovers his comatose patient has awakened to a hunger for blood. He tracks her infection back to the mysterious deaths of Duke University students and wonders if he’ll die next.

Eddie Jean Franklin isn’t a normal sixteen-year-old girl. She can heal with her hands. Cloudland, her hometown, is an idyllic mountain resort except for its signature land Swarms. The Swarms have changed her DNA and made her exceptional. When her mother freaks and attacks her to taste a healer’s blood, she confronts the dire side of Swarms.

Louis Janzen, a research doctor, has devoted his life to finding an Alzheimer’s cure. He’s shocked to find a brain microbe as the culprit and surprised when a pharmaceutical spokesman calls and wants the microbe back. Louis can’t let it go. A gorgeous woman returns from his past to change his mind and steal his brain.

They believe Cloudland is at the root of their problems. The town actually serves as a canary in the coal mine, for an ancient warning, signaling a jump in human evolution. They have no idea the upgrade has been hijacked or that monsters of legend will return.

Swarmers (72dpi 900x600)


You ready to get Swarmed?

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