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One Year R. V. Doon Blog Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to me!

When I started to blog, I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe, I still don’t. I began blogging to support my indie writing efforts. Body Wave (A-Text-A-Nurse Mystery) was my first book published. It’s a southern-fried mystery series.  The Poet, a short story drama followed, and then I posted Swarmers, a dark fantasy thriller. Not bad for a first year run, but I’ve still got three books completed and waiting to go. Yes, they are in various stages of a self edit, but it’s basically me and my lax publishing schedule keeping me at three books instead of six.

So, for my second year, which begins tomorrow I’ve got a “new attitude.”  I’ve written out a publishing schedule which requires me to get the three books sitting in the wait queue out before 2014, plus the sequel to Swarmers and Book 2 of the Text-A-Nurse Mystery series as well. On January 01, 2014 I will publicly shame myself if I fail to meet this goal. (Do not expect naked pictures).

I plan to increase my blog posts, write a few reviews, and host a few other guest bloggers. My series on the historical background of Rh negative blood has a few more pages needed before calling it done. It was a labor of love really, for anyone wanting information about the Rh negative blood type, that didn’t include DNA cloning by aliens, reptilians, or fallen angels. I’m not mocking, I’m just saying it’s a diversion that makes many of us appear nutty:)

The positives are: I’ve written two full length novels and one short story and published them. I have three full length novels ready to move forward and one short story. The series follow-up books are coming along nicely, so the end of 2013 is looking good for me. After years of carrying a beeper that interrupted my sleep, I’ve embraced Twitter and I love it, I’ve waded into Google +, and put my author profile on Goodreads…yesterday. I’ve written a total of 69  blog posts and 19 pages,  which I hope to double by next year.

I still don’t know how to do a book launch, choose good cover art, and I still feel awkward on social media. I guess the point is, my writing is strong, I’m not a one book wonder and I’ve kept my blog limping along.

All best wishes or tips are welcomed.

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