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No Where To Hide–Unless You’re a Self-Published Book on Amazon

The featured image for this post was sent from my son after his recent vacation to France. I’ve stood on that same beach about ten years ago, feeling juiced that I was looking at “the Med.” But I have a character flaw, I always look for what doesn’t belong or seems odd. See the white-haired tourist on the far right, with the white belly that’s never seen sunlight before? He has no idea his moment of vacation privacy was caught in a picture and brought back to the US. He probably thought, “I’ll let it all hang out, after all, no one knows my name, and I won’t be back. Wrong! Dude, this is 2013, and there is nowhere to hide or hunker down in obscurity, unless you’re a self-published book on Amazon.

That’s right. People can’t hide from the “lens,” and books on Amazon can easily sink in to obscurity if the author isn’t careful.

A recent check of Body Wave and The Poet on Amazon’s ranking was an eye-opener. Whenever you change the cover or add to the contents, your book slide down in the stats. It’s hard enough to get traction in the ranking when you’re not giving the book away for free, but to drop the rank because you changed the cover and corrected a formating error…oh, well, live and learn.

The self-published books mingle with the trade published books and its easy to get lost. Sort of like those people caught off shore when their boat sinks. From the rescue helicopter’s view-point, they’re just a drop in the ocean. So, I had to ask myself, if I was floating out in the ocean, tired, dehydrated, and being circled by hungry sharks and wishing I’d bought the life jacket with a GPS tracker, how would I make myself get spotted by the look-out in the helicopter?

I’d want to SOS with a mirror, but I don’t know SOS code. If I was a smart sailor, I would’ve prepared for the scenario. Likewise, I wasn’t a prepared self-published author. I have no idea how advertising works, and I don’t intend to bombard the social networks with the “buy my book” retweets.

I’m left to draw the conclusion that I need to start some form of advertising before I launch my books, otherwise, no reader will ever spot them. So, I’ll be launching some articles that pertain to my novels, and I’m going to try something new, something totally off the chart for me. I’m going truly, free-wheeling creative, but I need some time to work on the concept. Until then, if you’re looking for a book to read try one of mine, or feast your eyes on more Med pictures.

If you know a few advertising tricks, hit me with your secrets at the bottom of the post.





Sunbathing at the Med
















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