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New Book Title Reveal: Double-Blind–A Thriller

Like plots, I’m beginning to think titles, have been done before…

I’m not complaining because this book has had 3 previous working titles, but Double-Blind, works on many levels.

Double-Blind is a term used in clinical drug trials. Neither the subject (patient or volunteer) nor the investigator knows which treatment is being received by the subject. The study could be testing a placebo against a new drug, or aspirin against a new drug for example. By setting up the blinding, investigators are trying to minimize bias. The investigator follows a map, and if there are many sites involved, all follow a specific map called a ‘Study Protocol.’ The protocol is the Bible of any clinical drug study.

I also chose Double-Blind as a title because eyedrops are used as the new drug. The study volunteers like the drug so much, they nickname it EZ, based on the eye chart in their weekly vision tests. So, overall I think I’ve got a good title in regards to the story line.  The main character, Claire Carter, is a whistleblower, and she finds out real fast that most whistleblowers don’t live to tell their truth. In fact, two things happened that made me write this story.

First, I worked in clinical trials and I got certified as a CRA, Clinical Research Associate. I already had several other nursing certifications and this test was hard, but not as difficult as the National Certification in Critical Care Nursing. So, one day I was sitting at a national meeting with other nurse researchers, and one related the story of a clinical trial that had some nasty side effects. They were so bad, she wanted to quit recruiting for the study. The patients with problems were withdrawn into the follow-up phase, and she was expected to ask new patients to volunteer. Again, everyone was blinded and this study had low dose, high dose, and a placebo arm. She spoke frankly of her conflicts.

At this same meeting an announcement was made about a new drug discovery, and the man announcing it claimed that serendipity played a role in the discovery. This happens quite a lot. A recognizable example is Rogaine. Rogaine, was being formulated as a antihypertensive drug, when serendipity struck, and someone noticed people talking about their fabulous hair growth. Naturally, as an in-the-closet writer, I filed away the idea that a drug is being developed for one thing and serendipity strikes.

In a few days, I’ll do a cover reveal and book description. Until then, I think I’ll write about clinical drug trials. Would you like to know more?

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