R.V. Doon

Houston-There and Back

We had a great trip to Houston for a few days to visit family. I learned the lesson I’d heard about and ignored; make sure the cell phone has the wi-fi turned off. Ouch! The fully charged phone went dead in two hours! Poor thing, it worked its heart out for me and even got a fever. So, I missed some great pictures, but did come back with a few to share on my camera. We stayed in the Woodlands, a very nice planned community. I enjoyed the green tree atmosphere while being fairly close to the big city. I loved walking along the Woodland’s trails and parks and meeting the friendly people. A great neighborhood to check out if you’re ever house hunting in the area.

One night we went to the Waterway in the Woodlands for dinner. The weather had turned misty, cold, and windy, but it didn’t stop us from doing anything we wanted. I so regret not taking a picture of the outside of our restaurant, Americas. It was very close to the featured post picture and well worth your eating time if you’re in the area. The food was fabulous, and I’m not joking, we ate at many great places but “Americas” was my fav! The ambience was great, our table had a view of the waterway, and the service was top-notch too. Overall, Americas gets a solid thumbs up from me and my family for a great dining experience. Afterward, you can aid your digestion by taking a walk along the beautiful waterway and seeing the color fountains of water at night. Loved it! Will try to embed my first attempt at a movie, all apologies for the amateur filming for the water fountain. Background music was playing during the water show but not picked up.

The best part of the trip was re-connecting with family and it gave me a few days away from the last editing and formatting of SWARMERS before putting it up on Amazon. So, we had a good time and look forward to going back to Houston in the future.

DSCN0171DSCN0182  Movie, I think. I had to go with the uber short one, sorry.


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