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Going On A Cover Hunt

If you’d like to see how many covers Body Wave went through click on the image wall on my blog. It’s a real hoot, so check it out. I started out DYI and well, I’ve learned covers are like stop signs for readers. Swarmer’s cover on the other hand, needs a redo, but I’ll wait until the second book is finished sometime in September. When it comes to covers, I know what I like, but can’t articulate it. Screwy, huh?

The new book is a contemporary thriller about a whistleblower that has tried every legal avenue to get a new drug, called EZ, pulled from prescription until her data is reviewed. The problem is her data is stolen. To get justice, the main character, decided she had to “go bad”  in order to do good for the public health. At the heart of Claire’s dilemma is the question: What would you do? Would you sacrifice your life to help others live? Naturally, because this is an R.V. Doon novel, the main plot is wrapped around the two sub plots.

I’ll reveal the name of my thriller on August 31, 20013 which marks the one year mark for my blog. After that, I’ll have a cover reveal. While I’d hoped to have this story out on 8-31, I have my nitpicking, “add more conflict”, Page Pounder friends for the hold up. Well, my mom’s medical crisis diverted me a bit as well. Anyhow, I’m back on track and this novel is not a series.

Readers if you’d like to point me to some great looking covers, I’d be grateful. Authors are usually happy to share their cover designers.



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