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GET SWARMED! My Book, Swarmers, Free on Amazon Select-May 30-Jun-01

Swarmers, my dark fantasy thriller, goes free on Amazon Select from May 30-Jun 1! What? Don’t like being scared?

The world shifts for the 4 main characters.

Eddie Jean Franklin, is sixteen, loves soccer, and designs fashion jewelry. She’s religious and doesn’t hide it. Her hometown, Cloudland, experiences ground rumbles that locals call  “swarms.” The swarms don’t show up on USGS maps, but they do affect the residents. Like all natural things, there are good and bad side effects. Eddie Jean has the good, she can heal people with her hands, with limitations. She just wants to help people and play soccer. Her grandfather harvests the bad, an underground virus that the “swarms” release from time to time. What she doesn’t know is the virus has changed, and her grandfather made a vaccine that mutated, changing her mother and infecting her younger sister.  Eddie Jean learns betrayal first hand and never loses her compassion to help others, including the poor souls infected by the stealth virus.

In the story, Eddie Jean represents its heart and soul. She’s a daddy’s girl but deals with her mother having an affair with the father of her high school crush. She shines as the character fighting to hold on to her healing in a world where killing becomes the norm. Eddie Jean is the only one who points out that the infected were once friends and neighbors. Her love for her little sister is a theme running throughout the book. So when Scot Thomas, the high school quarterback, asks her to join him to fight  “the exotics,” she must choose between healing her sister or leading the fight.

Doctor Louis Janzen, is a research doctor devoted to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. He has the gene and like his father and two brothers, he’s looking at early symptoms. Louis is afraid of losing his mind to Alzheimer’s while he’s wearing what he calls the “cold shroud”–a mental lab coat he puts on to prevent his emotions from contaminating his research data. He discovered, he unplugged from his emotions out of the lab as well. He rejects the cold shroud and his work takes on a new direction. As the discovery of a life time is within his grasp a sexy blonde appears. He follows her to Cloudland as a consultant but finds out he’s really a patient.

Louis represents the struggle between good and evil. He’s an atheist and man of science. Like Eddie Jean, he’s driven to cure people and end suffering. He doesn’t believe in Eddie Jean’s gift. Even when she heals him, his first reaction is to deny his own miracle. When disaster strikes, he survives one catastrophe but the second tries to destroy him. Changed, embittered, and angry he finds the will to hang on to his human emotions and feelings, even though the thing he’s becoming rejects them.

Get Swarmed and get lost in Cloudland!



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