R.V. Doon

Get Swarmed! A Halloweenpalooza Giveaway

I’m guest blogging on Thursday the 17th for the month long Halloweenpalooza event. I share my foray into ghost hunting and that story relates to a cold-case storyline featured in Double Blind: A Medical Thriller.

Swarmers takes place around Halloween, but it’s not about scary ghosts. Swarmers gets right to the scary action and leaves you gasping. If it sounds like a book, you’d like to try, go to Halloweenpalooza on FB on the 17th to register, because I’m giving away 5 free e-copies of Swarmers as gifts.  There are a lot of free giveaways throughout the month, so consider following the event until Halloween. Other authors have been blogging, so don’t miss out!

Double Blind: A Medical Thriller is scheduled to launch for 99 cents on Amazon starting October 16th. Sign up for my new novel book release emails.

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