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Ever Want To Escape? Readers Chase Their Dreams By Reading Books

Reading is all about escape. I can’t go a week without reading a book. I’m addicted to leaving, I mean reading. Writing stories locked up in my head is a by–product of reading. It’s natural for me like eating too much and gaining weight. I love the moment of choosing my book, of being sucked into the story, and feeling great after I’ve finished it. I need to breathe; I need to read. It’s as simple as that for me. What about you?

Some readers claim to be overwhelmed by choices. They feel self-published books are somehow beneath them, but if you ask the same person if they root for underdogs, surprisingly, they say yes. Readers we are the underdogs. See my post on Readers United.

If you’ve ever stood on the side of the road handing out water bottles to runners, consider helping a self published author by reading a self published book. Living is about change, don’t stagnate. Christmas is coming and you have gifts to give. Why not consider self published titles? Why not give to a different charity this year? Why not go hog wild on Christmas decorations instead of another Charlie Brown year?  Stir it up! You might be happy to get out of a rut.

I’m stirring up my blog by adding a book review every month. Every third Wednesday of the month I’ll review a book. My first will be on Wednesday, December 19th. I invite readers to come back and post reviews of self published books in the the comments section. Naturally, the focus is on self published books. I promise I won’t take freebies from authors, and I will give a reader’s assessment.  These will be books I downloaded and liked. If I don’t like it, I won’t write about it because why waste time on things I don’t enjoy? Instead, I’ll download another. This will be the type of review that used to go out by word-of-mouth.

In this post, I described a woman whose turn came up to write a review for her book club. All the previous reports had been long and glowing in book report style. She felt the bad review should be written the same way. My reviews won’t resemble a book report.  I’ll also invite readers to join me and comment on self published books they’ve read. Let’s get a discussion going! For readers that don’t want to log onto the big sites like Good Reads or Shelfari to review, my blog will give you an outlet. No sign up required. Posts should follow the Golden Rule.

Now, to advertise my adventure into reviewing a self published book once a month and to get shy readers to join me on December 19th for the first one, I’ve pulled together a low tech picture show called Put a Little Love In your Heart.


 Put a Little Love In Your Heart for Self Published Books

Afraid to Take The Plunge?

Self Published books aren’t going to bite you. Take a walk on the wild side or would you prefer to escape through a portal?

Reading Self Published Books won’t Leave You Gasping For Air or Dead

Self Published Books Aren’t Dark and Scary.

Self Published Books Won’t Make You Scream, Let me Fly Away!

Reading Self Published Books In Public Won’t Make You Feel Targeted

Self Published Authors Will Watch Over and Protect You

R.V. On the Watch Tower

When You Take the Plunge and Read Self Published Books You’ll Discover New Friends

I’m glad I Took the Plunge!

Hope you smiled!  If you enjoyed my PR campaign, please read a self published book. Consider reading Body Wave if you’re not sure where to begin. Just give them a try and give them as gifts for Christmas. Come back and post a review in the comment section when I review books monthly. Be a maverick. Please share this post on your favorite social networks and thanks for stopping by.


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