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Escapism At Its Best: Books, Hobbies, or Places

After I entered the ABNA contest, I had to release the stress. Up until I hit publish, I’d been editing SWARMERS, and to be honest I was bug-eyed and tired.

So what’s a stressed out writer, or anyone else for that matter, going to do?


I didn’t feel like going anywhere, house cleaning or laundry don’t qualify, so I went straight to the old favorite stand by. A Book.

So yes, there I was bleary-eyed from editing and tense from submitting to a contest, and I stuck my nose into a book. Now, I know people who garden to relieve stress, cook, run, exercise or walk the dogs, or even calling a good friend. But I really love escaping into a book. Reading relaxes me. Strangely, my family, okay some of them don’t get it.  She (not going to ID her) asked, how is writing different from reading?

Uh, like the Grand Canyon is to a ditch, like a horse is to a stuffed animal, like a sailboat is to a rubber duck.  It’s different.  In one, I’m creating a world and its people and in another, I’m enjoying someone’s creative vision. I’m on cruise control while reading, and in a paddle boat in white water while writing.  Phew, I’m glad I got that off my mind. Now, my husband is totally different. Yep, he’s as predictable as sunset when it comes to de-stressing > his boat.




What do you do for fast stress reduction? Come on don’t be shy. Confession is a way to de-stress. Hit me with new ideas.


One thought on “Escapism At Its Best: Books, Hobbies, or Places

  1. T. Scipio

    I understand exactly what you mean. I find reading to be very relaxing and one of the best de-stressers. When I was in the military, reading was virtually the only escape I had. It always helped me feel better no matter what had happened during the day.

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