R.V. Doon

Double Blind: A Medical Thriller




In Double-Blind, a medical thriller with corporate conspiracy overtones, a lone whistleblower discovers she may not live to reveal the truth.

Claire Carter watched her best friend die a slow, horrible death. She wants justice for what she considers a medical crime. Claire’s goal is to force the pharmaceutical company to pull their new wonder drug, EZ, off the prescription market.

A Looming Public Health Disaster

When legal options crash because her proof is tainted, she steals more company secrets to force out the truth. Gateway, a private Witness Protection team, promises a new life, but when Claire realizes there is a list of well-known people bribed to fasttrack EZ to the market, she doesn’t run. True justice requires a face to face confrontation.

A Fight to Do the Right Thing

Dodging hit men, betrayals, and weird flashbacks of a childhood she doesn’t recognize, Claire forms a bold plan. Steal the bribe list at the company’s party during Mardi Gras in New   Orleans, offer the new information to a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, and then escape with the man she loves before becoming chum.

What she doesn’t count on is the data she steals points straight to a coup ďétat, not by bombs or bullets, but by eyedrops.

Double-Blind is a medical, suspense thriller with a wicked twist of revenge.

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