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Do You Know This British WWII Spy?

nancy wake in uniform

Do you know this British spy?

I bet you don’t. Her name was Nancy Wake aka The White Mouse.

She’s killed a man with her bare hands when she was behind the lines.

I first became interested in female spies during WWII after watching the movie, Charlotte Gray. It’s a good movie if you like WWII films. The movie’s main character, Charlotte Gray, is played by the feisty Cate Blanchett and is based on the real life exploits of Nancy Wake. Like Claire Phillips in the Philippines, Nancy Wake risked her life and in the process saved lives. It’s a true gift for an ordinary person to save a life and Nancy certainly did. A male comrade-in-arms in the French Resistance summed her up as: ‘The most  feminine woman I know, until the fighting starts. And then she is like five men.’ A stunning compliment, wouldn’t you say?

Nancy’s most famous name was given to her by the Gestapo when they put her on their most wanted list.  The Nazis put a bounty of five million franc on her head and called her the White Mouse because she always escaped their traps. Like Claire Phillips, Nancy Wake wrote a book. Nancy wake with book

Sadly, Nancy Wake died at the age of 98 in 2011. This woman was awarded five medals for her exploits, and believe me, you need to read about them in this UK article from the Daily Mail.




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