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Deadly Liberty: Pearl Harbor & More

Deadly Liberty: Pearl Harbor & MorePearl Harbor & More by R.V. Doon
on November, 01, 2016
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery, WW II
Pages: 252
Format: eBook

Deadly Liberty Blurb:

Connie Collins, a navy nurse on the hospital ship, USS Solace, takes liberty the day before Pearl Harbor. Her budding romance wilts, an AWOL nurse insists she find a missing baby, and she’s in the harbor when WWII erupts. Under fire, she boards the ship—and witnesses a murder during the red alert chaos. When liberty turns deadly, shipmates become suspects.

Enjoy a Short Excerpt of Deadly Liberty:

5 December 1941

USS Solace

Naval Hospital Ship

Battleship Row, Pearl Harbor

“Miss Collins,” Chief Nurse Lally said, glancing up from a file on her desk. “I’m sorry to see you under the present circumstances.”

My heart thudded to my feet. Before I could speak, a page summoned her to a medical ward. “Stand at ease, Collins, until I return.”

I waited until she left before relaxing. The last place I wanted to be before liberty was standing at attention before the chief nurse. Had I been reported for an error? Please no. The idea made my heart skip a few beats. I took a deep breath.

Living on a hospital ship is like living inside a whale—cramped and claustrophobic. The ship groans, yawns, snores, and every once in a while it belches. Inside the belly, so to speak, the nurses were segregated from the three hundred and forty officers and men onboard, except when we were on the wards doing our jobs. We got one hour a day for exercise on the ship’s promenade decks, and the rest of the time went to the men. So it wasn’t surprising that we had minor tiffs now and then. There were thirteen women on board, after all. I think that was why we’d given each other nicknames, to encourage friendship and esprit de corps. I went from being Connie Collins on the shakedown cruise to Coco Collins. I responded to both.

Two corpsmen laughed in the supply area, and I wondered if someone had reported me for talking to Corpsman Lee Huntley while off duty. Naturally, Miss Lally drew the worst possible conclusion, because I wasn’t supposed to speak to an enlisted man. There were one hundred and twenty-eight corpsmen aboard, and around them I should be mute, unless I was giving one orders. And if I was, my voice shouldn’t sound friendly, so I wouldn’t encourage personal conversation. The problem was the corpsmen were nice, and a few, like Lee Huntley, were exceptional.

Worry made me sweat, and I stared at the pitcher of iced lemonade on the chief nurse’s desk. Would she rescind my liberty or transfer me to shore duty?


Stories of WWII: December 1941:


On December 7th 1941, a pivotal event took place that changed the face of World War II. Hundreds of Japanese fighter planes carried out a devastating surprise attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. By December 11th, the United States was at war with the Axis Powers in the Pacific and European theaters. World War II raged for almost another four years, but the entry of the world’s greatest economy into the conflict profoundly influenced its course.

This wide-ranging collection of eight stories by a diverse group of authors, who write wartime fiction, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Pearl Harbor. Few people’s lives were unaffected in some way by that fateful day and these stories reflect this. Some of them are set at Pearl Harbor itself, in other parts of the United States and in Singapore. Other stories take place in Europe: occupied France, Germany and Northern Ireland. They explore the experiences of U.S. servicemen and women, a German Jew, Japanese Americans, a French countess, an Ulster Home Guard, and many others.

We hope readers will enjoy our salute to the people and the events of this momentous era.

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R.V. Doon is a bookie! She writes historical fiction, medical thrillers, cozy mysteries, and dark fantasy thrillers filled with compelling characters that won’t let you forget them after you’ve read ‘The End.’ She hung up her stethoscope and tossed out her scrubs after leaving the hospital setting, but sadly her addiction to caffeine and chocolate remained. Most days she’s anchored at a writing desk, listening to her dog snore.

She currently lives in a haunted and historical city on the Gulf Coast of the United States of America. When she’s not writing or doing research, R.V. relaxes by taking long walks or going sailing.

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