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Dawn of the Dead: Launching an Indie Book

For two days in a row, I’ve awakened to the feeling that I’ve missed a deadline. This is akin to dreaming about being naked in a crowd, okay?

I haven’t felt raw terror like this since I stopped teaching. And here I thought Indie writers had a stress-free life. No…I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I have to say I wouldn’t have made it without my friend’s help. So what’s making me crazy? Read at your own risk.

I’d already written a guest blog post for Halloweenpalooza, and I was letting it sit for a few days. For a few terror seconds, I’d thought I’d missed my deadline! Man, I jumped out of bed feeling terrible. When I checked the calendar, I’m fine. I decided to get the post off to the administrator the same day, so I’d stop with the stressful dreams.  But no, the big event taking every waking minute is Double-Blind. Dawn of the dead: www.rvdoon.comI’m already 12 days beyond my self-imposed deadline with its birthday launch. So what happened?

First, my normal editor had an emergency. The next four I contacted were booked.  I went with a new one who took longer. Then my computer had a viral attack which took days to resolve. Afterward, I downloaded Double-Blind to my Kindle and wham>>>new formatting was required. The one thing that went off without a hitch was the cover art. Still, I’d planned to launch the e-book and the paperback at the same time. Not going to happen. However, Double-Blind will be published for Kindle on October 16. The paperback will follow in a month.

I’m exhausted and bleary eyed, but I’m almost there! Today I finished the newsletter that goes out to my subscribers. Who knew you had to have a PhD to make one? Hopefully, I get better at it. What have I learned for the next launch?

10 Steps to Avoid Looking Like An Indie Zombie During Book Launch 

1. Stock up on Visine.

2. Limit your commitments or take mega doses of B vitamins.

3. Book your editor a year ahead of time.

4. Shred your production schedule or get used to waking up naked in a crowd.

5. Take a Spa Day the week before launch.

6. Cruise the unemployment lines for a handmaiden, um, a writer’s assistant.

7. Get a PhD in MailChimp wizardry prior to launching any book.

8. No matter how bad it gets be sure to go out in the sunshine for a few minutes.

9. Ask for a little help from your friends.

10. Keep a step by step log for the next birthing.


Well, I feel better. Sign up for my new book subscription notification to see my creation. Be sure to drop in on Double-Blind’s birthday on October 16th.





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