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Cozy Home: Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Series

Among the many questions I’ve received about my Text-A-Nurse cozy mystery series, the majority are about the historical home she inherited from her aunt. Most wanted to know if Reece’s blue house was made up or based on a local one.

Reece’s home is based on two local historical houses, but of course I added a few details of my own. Notably, in her house the bannister has vertical spindles in the shape of heart-tipped cupid arrows inside and out and the interior fireplace mantel is an ode to Cupid as well. The point is I take what I like and blend the real into the imaginary.

Below is the Beal-Gaillard historical home (1836).

Cozy House: The Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Series www.rvdoon.com

Notice the Color?

Reece’s house is described as Wedgwood blue. Not only does Reece have a blue house, but a blue car as well. White homes and blue homes look beautiful against the spring green colors. What do you think?

I’ve always loved the Hardeway-Evans-Wilson-Sledge home for its graceful appearance under the oaks. (1840)

Cozy House: The Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Series@www.rvdonn.com


Both homes are from the 1800’s and I think both are beautiful. Reece was a hardworking critical care nurse experiencing major symptoms of burnout and exhausted from working chronic overtime. I hoped giving her a historical home would have a fairy-tale princess air about it, signaling changes in her life.

I’d love to answer any other questions readers may have about the series. As always thanks for the questions, I love reader comments.


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