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Case of Excited Delerium caused by a Research Drug?

The Mobile Press Register reported Sunday that the USA police officer who shot a naked student acting wildly in October has been cleared. The DA, Ashley Rich, said the student ingested a rare and potent research chemical.

Research chemical? Please note she didn’t call it a drug cooked up in a dirty bath tub.

She identified the research drug, created in 2003, as 251-C-NBOMe. 251 was developed in a lab to treat depression and schizophrenia. Really? Please go to the link above and read about it. It’s hard to see the value for depression and schizophrenia, at least now, in the early stages.

The 18 y.o. student, on a wrestling scholarship, ingested a tiny amount, and he became grossly confused, violent, and broke out it a fever. He experienced sweating so severe, he shed all his clothes and totally acted out of his rational mind. He also bit students, and they claimed when they punched him to get him off them, he didn’t feel the pain.

This is a drug still in research development stages and its lethal dosage is not known. The USA student ingested a small amount of the drug, sellers call the N-Bomb, and he experienced massive body wide vasoconstriction that made him oblivious to pain and coherent thinking.

What is known is that it apparently circulates at music festivals, so this message needs to get out far and wide. Apparently, one drop of 251 killed a man at Voodoo music festival in New Orleans. And now, 251 has killed a student after he left BayFest in Mobile.

According to people at the Voodoo festival, N-Bomb was described to them as a “research drug.” This is a really sick way to advertise their wares for profit. They’re trying to cast 251 has legitimate when, in fact, its results are far worse than real LSD. As one person at Voodoo said, “they turned us into lab rats.”

251 is sold as a drop on a stamp, nine hits fit on one stamp, and the cost is as low as $10. At the Voodoo music festival people walked around with vials and administered drops from the vial into the buyer’s mouth. Many got sick and one died–from a drop. This from a synthetic drug with similar properties of LSD, but 251 is far more potent and dangerous.

DA investigators tracked the source to a man in Birmingham, Alabama. He claimed he ordered the drug from out of the country. Want to know the best part?

Mobile DA, Ashley Rich, can’t bring charges against the dope dealer or his supplier because it’s not listed on our state’s list of controlled substances. I just hope the DA made absolutely certain the man claiming to have ordered the drug from out of the country, didn’t have access to research labs examining this drug legitimately. Plus, why hasn’t the person that gave the USA student a hit, been identified publicly as a drug pusher? Is this person a college student in Birmingham?

The police officer that rendered the final verdict (shot and killed the student) has to go through the legal process, and all the hate that dregs up. In contrast, the people who sell, make, and advertise this drug as a “research drug” aren’t even identified publicly, so we can shun them! What the heck? And think about it, DA’s across the country put people who sell pot in jail–for a lifetime!

The saddest part of all is your child might die, and the people who gave them the drug skate–free. That’s why the campus police officer was cleared of a wrongful shooting. If your child goes to a music festival, warn them!

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