R.V. Doon

Double Blind

Double Blind
Genre: Thriller
Tag: Medical conspiracy
Publisher: BRY Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 288
How can a whistleblower warn the public about a pending health disaster when she’s being framed for murder? Claire Carson never expected to have to run for her life, but when she does, she vows to take down the pharmaceutical company putting people in harms way.
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About the Book

In Double-Blind, a medical thriller with corporate conspiracy overtones, a lone whistleblower discovers she may not live to reveal the truth.

Claire Carter watched her best friend die a slow, horrible death. She wants justice for what she considers a medical crime. Claire’s goal is to force the pharmaceutical company to pull their new wonder drug, EZ, off the prescription market.

A Looming Public Health Disaster.

When legal options crash because her proof is tainted, she steals more company secrets to force out the truth. Gateway, a private Witness Protection team, promises a new life, but when Claire realizes there is a list of well-known people bribed to fasttrack EZ to the market, she doesn’t run. True justice requires a face to face confrontation.

A Fight to Do the Right Thing.

Dodging hit men, betrayals, and weird flashbacks of a childhood she doesn’t recognize, Claire forms a bold plan. Steal the bribe list at the company’s party during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, offer the new information to a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, and then escape with the man she loves before becoming chum.

What she doesn’t count on is the data she steals points straight to a coup détat, not by bombs or bullets, but by eyedrops.

Double-Blind is a medical, suspense thriller with a wicked twist of revenge.

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