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Book Covers: Tips on How To Get it Right

You can see Body Wave’s current book cover to the right >. When it’s reduced to a thumbnail sketch, it’s hard to read the book’s title or the author’s name. Body Wave is my test book on self publishing, and I expected to make a few mistakes. I have to admit the cover is too dark, so I’ve been trying to lighten it up with hilarious results.

I’m not a picture editing whiz although I pretend to be one when I’m not asleep. While I’m not adverse to hiring a professional, I wanted to go it DIY on my first book. I’m gearing up to put Body Wave up for sale in other venues besides Amazon, which I promise to post a step by step guide if anyone is interested. Before I do it, I’ll change the cover so if you open the blog up in the future it may be more colorful. Don’t let its future brightness blind you.

A lot of self publishers argue about  book covers. Heck, I can remember authors complaining about their covers years before Amazon and the new world of self publishing took off. And yet, I don’t recall ever buying a book because of its cover. I do admit that an interesting cover might make me pick up a book, but I don’t think the cover led to a sale.

I’ve been told now that with ebooks the book’s title and author’s name must stand out in the thumbnail if nothing else. For those of you looking into self publishing as a second career as I am, take note and don’t repeat my mistakes. Below please note one new trial cover and let me know what you think. Click to enlarge. Thanks.




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