R.V. Doon

Body Magnet: A Reece Carson, RN, Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery

StaticpagebodymagnetReece Carson, nurse entrepreneur and amateur sleuth, never expected the extensive remodel of her parents’ clinic to reveal a hidden body, in this cozy mystery series. No, she expected to spend several blissful weeks playing auntie with her sister’s newborn, not solving a murder case. An hour after her nephew’s birth, a second corpse is discovered.

Investigators find a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover in a shirt pocket, a broken silver chair with a horse pendant, and no weapon. When a wallet reveals the identification of the male victim, Reece realizes the two employees, who fell in love and ran away together eighteen years ago, are the victims. Their family members accuse Reece’s parents of erasing the violent background of a former employee, putting their loved ones in grave danger.

The Carson sisters are horrified, and move to clear their parents’ names. The DA has other ideas. He needs publicity to win the election and dubs the new investigation “the Lovebird murders.”

As Reece investigates both murders, she’s fighting a cloud of doubt involving her parents’ integrity, a teenage crime reporter’s meddling, and a son’s devotion to uncovering his mother’s killer. Her chief suspects are two prominent citizens. Before Reece can make a move, a new corpse is discovered in the Carson Clinic. No way, will this amateur sleuth allow the killer to get away with murder a third time.

Reece is convinced that at the heart of all three murders lies betrayal. She already knows that secrets can come back to kill, and that black-hearted lies create cold-hearted killers. In Body Magnet, book three of the Text-A-Nurse cozy mystery series, amateur sleuth Reece Carson learns betrayal is hard to forgive, and the pain lasts a lifetime.

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