R.V. Doon

Body Aches Available on PreOrder

Genres: Cozy Mystery

I’m happy to announce that Body Aches the second book in the TEXT-A-NURSE cozy mystery series is available for preorder on Amazon.  You can read it in paperbackright now!

Body Aches will launch on August 29th on Amazon. Amazon has recently made preorder available so I haven’t had time to promote, but hopefully, Text-A-Nurse fans will respond. Look for Body Aches to be on a Goodreads giveaway as well.

As fans of Body Wave, may know, Body Aches continues to put Reece on the track of solving an older case and a current one. In Reece world, the past and present are always connected by secrets, lies, and murder.

The third book in the series, Body Magnet, is scheduled for release in September. Thank you readers for your support.






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