R.V. Doon

Body Aches: A Reece Carson, RN, Text-A-Nurse Cozy Mystery Book 2

landingpagecoilcoverbodyachesReece Carson, nurse entrepreneur, isn’t looking for trouble on New Year’s Eve in this cozy mystery series. No, she’s standing on a rooftop in her hot boyfriend’s arms waiting for the MoonPie drop to ring in the New Year. Instead of celebrating, she’s the lone eyewitness to the first murder of the year. And the victim isn’t just any Mobilian. He’s the co-winner of the biggest jackpot ever won from Powerball, and he’s the half owner of Mobile’s newest business, Top Hat.

Most people think he was murdered for his money, gambling debts, or mob connections, but Reece isn’t convinced. The police track his finances and close associates. She’s drawn into the investigation because she finds the first piece of evidence, and she’s convinced the victim turned to wave at someone near a gate. Someone who never came forward, leading Reece to suspect there is another eyewitness.

She investigates the meaning of the dead man’s tattoo while juggling her clients, curtailing the snoopy antics of her next-door neighbor, fathoming the secret thoughts of Sheba, her ninja cat, and trying to keep her pregnant sister out of the clutches of a mesmerizing former boyfriend. Honestly, the only thing in this amateur sleuth’s life operating as it should is her relationship with Glenn Hanover.

The closer Reece gets to answers the more her ankle throbs, because the last murderer she unveiled broke it with Glenn’s favorite bat. Reece is convinced at the heart of this murder lies a festering secret or black-hearted lie. She already knows that secrets can come back to kill, but she’s about to learn a lie breeds the nastiest revenge of all.

Body Aches is Book 2 in the Text-A-Nurse cozy mystery series.

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