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This was supposed to automatically post two weeks ago, but I just noticed it didn’t:)) It does explain why I’ve been off social networks. Here it is!

I’m still under the sway of a riptide of emotions that only a newborn can generate. owen's headTheir perfection has a way of tugging on our heartstrings and forcing us to remember our own childhood, don’t they?

I’m convinced nothing is more scary or more gratifying than gazing on the face of your first grandchild.  I know…I know…the drill, but the grandchild drill feels different from the first child drill or second child drill, okay?

A different sort of pulse quickening if you will. I could stare at his sweet face for hours really, but here’s the new part. He’s dreaming!

Maybe my newborns dreamed, but I don’t remember noticing their rapid eye movement. I don’t remember wondering why they’re dreaming so soon after birth. Maybe I was drowning in a sea of sleep deprivation, but I don’t recall noticing that they were dreaming. But it does beg the question…what are newborns dreaming about?

It’s not like they stay awake long enough to get terrified, right? And that’s when it hit me. Newborns aren’t dreaming as we know it, they’re remembering what I’ve dubbed “Babyland.”


Because when he wakes from Babyland, he smiles. Okay, I know he’s not supposed to smile yet, but he did. Babyland to me is like a fantasia of colors, people, and places. Babyland keeps him amused, so the rest of his family can grab some rest.

Ah, Babyland will sadly turn into dreamland before we know it. Dreamland isn’t magical. Our dreams are just snapshots our brain fires off to clear the sludge from our heads while we sleep. Clutter. Our dreams are the litter we’ve imprinted on as we move through our day.

Newborns don’t have sludge, so they’re getting glimpses of something different, something happy. Something the rest of us may have forgotten as we experienced the new world we’re born into. We let the world shape us instead of us shaping our world. I’ve found myself hoping our vague memories of  Babyland keep most of us wishing for peace on earth during the holiday season.

For those lucky ones gazing down at an infant locked in the magic of Babyland tonight, close your eyes and try to remember. Forget about how fussy he was just minutes ago. Forget about how tired you are. Focus on your hopes and dreams and maybe the magic of Babyland will rub off on you. Let’s face it the only way we’ll ever have peace on earth is if we all wake with a smile and try to make our tiny part of the world a better place.

My grandson has recharged me with hope and yes, an ache for peace on earth. Is it really an impossible dream? We’ll see.


Happy Birthday Owen! December 01, 2014

Happy Birthday Owen!
December 01, 2014



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