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Amazon Adds “Verified Purchase Option” In the Book Review Section

While I was scanning books for my December 19, 2012 Doon book review, I noticed something new to me. “Amazon Verified Purchase.”

In brief, Amazon made a counter move against authors trying to hustle their books up the Amazon ranks by manipulating the book review section. Basically, some  authors joined “review groups” to help each other.  Group members gave each other glowing book reviews whether the book was read or not.  Another group of authors totally cheated the system by paying for book reviews by the hundreds.

Amazon’s first response was to delete reviews. I don’t know what process they used but the complaints were loud. They had to do something because their customer product review sections built their company’s success.

I support Amazon in this move. While I ask readers to please review my book because it does help its rank, which means its easier for my book to be found, I try not to be irritating or annoying about it.

Readers know from my past posts that I love the Amazon Book Review section. It’s as good as word of mouth, and I hate that people tried to hijack a system designed for readers!

So readers, here’s the scoop on the Amazon Verified Purchase or AVP. If you’re reading book reviews before buying a book on Amazon, and you see the review marked as an amazon verified purchase, it means that you can trust that the reviewer bought the book through Amazon. Book reviewers can only add this label to their review if Amazon can verify the purchase.

At least this way readers have a way of knowing which reviews stemmed from a verified purchase. Please note, if you don’t see the label, it doesn’t mean the reviewer didn’t borrow the book from a friend, win a free copy, or get it as a Christmas present. Amazon is trying to help readers trust their book review section again after the negative press of the cheating came out.

To have your book reviews labeled as a verified purchase, readers should log into the comment section and write their review. You’ll see the check box for AVP. Select the check box and save the review.  Easy! Amazon will mark it as a verified purchase from there. Amazon also allows readers to go back to old reviews and check the AVP box.

What’s your take on the Verified Purchase option? Like it or hate it?


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