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A Nurses’s Skit Shakes ‘The View’

Who are these people on TV who live in an alternate parallel universe, but think they have something to say to the rest of us?

For those who couldn’t comprehend, Miss Johnson is a nurse “lifesaver” and she believes this is her most important and valuable talent. I found her skit refreshing and yes, it was a risk, but it was her decision to make. This post isn’t a debate about what is or isn’t a talent; this post is about the mean-spirited comments.

It’s time, no it’s past time, to kick the gossipy mean girls off the TV. If they’re too important in the alternate universe to kick off, then Turn-Them-Off. Every time I watch the so-called hosts of ‘The View’ gossiping about the participants in the Miss Universe contest, I feel sorry for them. I do. They may have some stature in the fake, parallel universe they live in, but here on the real world, the world the rest of us live in, they’re sad. Have they even listened to the episode in question?

Here’s Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, doing a nurse skit for her talent competition. She could’ve dolled herself up and put on a “costume”, but she kept it real. Yeah, here’s a newsflash for people in the fake alternate universe>>>Nurses in the real world look like Miss Thompson in the skit. Yeah, there are good-looking nurses in every hospital across the country. However, not every nurse can take to the public stage and confide a dramatic and most meaningful moment that defined her as a nurse. Miss Thompson shared a personal experience about an Alzheimer’s patient. I found it real. What ‘The View’ hosts found offensive, I don’t know. Here’s the clip. You tell me.

The second comment is about the “doctor’s stethoscope” hanging around her neck. As a retired nurse, let me reassure ‘The View’ hosts from the alternate universe that doctors borrowed my stethoscope thousands of times. The stethoscope is a health care tool used by nurses every day, multiple times a day. Maybe they’re using tricorders in the alternate verse, but if they accept a job talking to us in the real world, they need to get a clue about the world their viewers live in.  I’m glad to see #NursesUnite take on the fake people from the alternate universe. Will someone please tell ABC executives that we want real people, familiar with real jobs in the real world, talking to the rest of us. Is that too much to ask?

If you haven’t seen the clip, here’s ‘The View’ in action:

By the way, Kelley Johnson finished as second runner-up. Way to go!

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