R.V. Doon
Writing Fiction From a Haunted City On the Gulf Coast.Mystery, Thriller, Romance, or Historical?
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Double Blind is a nail-biter! Courageous nurse brings down huge drug company. Lots of intrigue & mystery.
This fast paced novel is packed with action set against the backdrop of Mobile Bay, the oddity of Jubilees, historical tidbits about the area and nursing, and medical terminology. R.V. Doon has done an excellent job writing Body Wave.
V. Tieche
The War Nurse is full of vivid imagery and thrilling scenarios from beginning to end.
Body Wave is an exciting mystery with some interesting soul. It shines in its main character, its insider view of nursing, and its always interesting setting in the grand old city of Mobile. If you are into mysteries, nursing, hurricanes, and local lore, you will enjoy this book.